Deep within a mesa at Los Alamos National Lab expert scientists join up with paranormally gifted individuals to work on a top secret project to advance the human race.  Each book in the Deep Mesa series follows incredible discoveries and love revealed from the compelling and passionate interactions between a scientist in a particular field and a supernaturally remarkable person. The series builds on and weaves together the team that will help humanity thwart disaster and evolve.


Synapse Nine

The demands of followers seeking answers from Elana Ryan’s special abilities had taken a toll. To feel normal again, she took a job working at Los Alamos National Lab. It worked, until she was recruited into a top secret project to use the very gifts she left behind.

The project’s head scientist, Dr. Cameron Graeme, is pushy and arrogant, but Elana is also inexplicably drawn to him. As her faculties expand she finds that his presence amplifies her powers. Now she fears her feelings for him, and the intentions of the government.  Dr. Graeme finds Elana irresistibly alluring, which conflicts with his responsibilities for her as an asset.

They resist their mounting mutual desires, but something more powerful than them has a different plan in mind.


Synopsis: Armenian Quantum Physicist, Dr. Lucine Nazarian, is startled when the cocoa skinned light eyed man of her erotic dreams, suddenly materializes while she’s working at Area 51. When he, Avery Aim, is recruited to Deep Mesa, Lucine is tasked with studying the physics behind his ability to teleport. His troubled criminal, uneducated background is a challenge for the overly educated and serious, Dr. Nazarian. Somehow, lackadaisical Avery, finds a way into Lucine’s stoic heart and together they uncover the deeper meaning of quantum entanglement and how it can change the future of humanity.

BOOK THREE: TRIPLE HELIX (working title)

Synopsis: Israeli Geneticist, Dr. Melek Becker, is taken to a place above Earth to study otherworldly DNA and is captivated by one of the experimental subjects.  Obsessed, he tracks down Lotta Kron in Sweden, where she’s teaching children who are mysteriously developing super abilities.  It turns out that Lotta is transferring more than knowledge to her students. When she’s brought into the Deep Mesa project, Melek and Lotta become entwined in a helix of their own.

BOOK FOUR: CHIRALITY (working title)

Synopsis: Navajo, Iiná Álílee, is altering chemical compounds in the environment with her mind and it’s affecting a powerful corporation’s bottom line.  When their Synthetic Chemist, Dr. Braith Peyton, ascertains that Iina is influencing the chirality of molecules, he calls on his colleagues at Los Alamos National Lab for help.  Braith and Iina struggle to defend their opposing positions, but find they must both change their beliefs about reality, their cultures, goals, and especially each other, in order to join forces to avert an environmental disaster.